Dedicated to the care of all

Barb Reynolds, PRS Executive Director
Barb is dedicated to promoting wellness and seeing that people with behavioral health disorders get appropriate care in the community. She is certified as a Peer Recovery Coach and in Mental Health First Aid.

Ricardo Aguilar Consumer Programs Director
Rick oversees education programs for people with mental health disorders and illnesses, as well as education of the general public. He is certified in Mental Health First Aid, Emotional CPR, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

Sylvia Orozco-Joseph WHO Program National Director and Coordinator of the Adolescent Symposium of Texas
Sylvia is a longstanding staff member with more than 30 years of service to MHA Dallas. She was recently recognized as A Beacon of Hope 2017 awardee from the Grant Halliburton Foundation.

Janie Metzinger Public Policy Director
Janie is responsible for helping the Dallas community advocate for improved policies that aid recovery of anyone affected by mental illness.

Donna Ebow Executive Administrator
Donna helps every program and staff member bring our mission directly to the Greater Dallas community.


Meet our Board!


Chair Cheryl Rayl
Vice Chair Valencia Hooper
Secretary Jeremy Hardy
Treasurer Syver Norderhaug


Kay Colbert

Nancé Headley

David Henderson, M.D.

Lee Meyercord


as of 10.4.17