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You are not alone. Mental health problems are common. They are treatable. But no one is born knowing how to deal with a mental health issue. Looking for help and resources is an important step in feeling better or helping someone else.

The resources on our site have been carefully prepared to help connect people to experts and providers who can help them. We’ve vetted the list and feel confident that there is someone who can help you.

You can also download the MHA Resource Card for general information and stats.

Are you experiencing symptoms of mental illness or substance use? Do you have questions about what certain behaviors may mean in terms of diagnosis? Screening tools are one way to gauge what the underlying issue(s) may be, and they can be helpful when seeking resources and help.

Has your drinking or drug use affected your daily life and your ability to complete normal everyday tasks? Take this confidential screening.

Are you concerned your anxiety is affecting your day-to-day life? Take this confidential anxiety screening.

Have you experienced mood swings that are affecting your daily life and your ability to complete everyday tasks? Take this confidential bipolar screening.

Are you sad much of the time? Do you ever feel hopeless? Take this confidential depression screening.

Are you concerned about your child’s behaviors, emotions, or moods? Is your child between the age of 11 and 17? Take this screening.

Have you experienced trauma in your life and have been unable to stop thinking about it, even though you’ve tried? Take this confidential Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder screening.

Do you sometimes feel like your brain is playing tricks on you? Are you seeing or hearing things that don’t seem real or quite right? Take this confidential screening.

Are you between the ages of 11 and 17? Are you, your parents, or your teachers concerned about your behaviors, emotions, or moods? Take this confidential screening.

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