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Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute

Cultivating Resilience in Adolescents
Discovering the Hidden Power and Purpose of the Adolescent Mind

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Our experts will help you approach and improve your skills in tackling today’s unique challenges with racism, grief, trauma and addiction so that you can best support your clients, students and the youth community.

Talking with Children About Racism

Gain insights on how to approach and engage young people in a discussion about race, racism, and injustice.

Jamie Freeny
Director Center for School Behavioral Health
Mental Health America of Greater Houston

The Five Ms of Mitigation: Managing and Living with PTSD

Understand the difference between PTSD and CPTSD and how to use the 5 M’s: Movement, Mantras, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Medicine to support teachers, administrators, and most importantly students with tangible and practical application.
Caryn Sawlis
Ph.D., Educator
Renegade Education

Mental Health Barriers for Youth in the Hispanic Community

How to help foster a safe and trusting environment for a marginalized community.
Anna Arwine
LPC Intake Director
Millwood Hospital and The Excel Centers

Processing Grief Creatively With Adolescents

Explore grief stories in this art based experiential and discuss theoretical concepts and their application to therapeutic work with the bereaved adolescent.
Andrea Davis
Dallas Art Therapy

Self Care During Uncertain Times

The health and wellbeing of those serving others has never been more important than it is right now. Learn to identify personal frameworks for balancing self-care and other-care.
Monica Urbaniak
Urbaniak Wellness

Ethics in the Upside Down

This workshop will address the changing landscape in which we work, and how our perceptions, methods and drivers to maintaining our ethical standing must adapt & evolve as well.

Judith Allen
Psy.D., Chief Operating Officer
Communities in Schools of Chicago

REPORT: Best Practices for Campus Professionals Responding to Child Abuse

This training offers practical guidance for professionals on how to best work with investigative parties in a way that protects the investigation, the organization, and most importantly, the child.

Lana Ahrens
LMSW, Director of Training & Education
Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

Doing LIFE: Love, Identity, Family/Friends, and Experiences

This life is just a series of memories – some happy and some sad, but all have made you the person you are today. “Doing LIFE” is an interactive workshop that looks through the lens of Love, Identity, Family/Friends, and Experiences and how these impact the adolescent formative years.
Janie Stubblefield
Mobile Counseling, PLLC

The Impact of Nutrition on Mental Health Wellness in Teens

A comprehensive approach to identifying common nutritional problems with teens. Explore the cycular impact to holistic wellness and mental health diagnosis that are impacted by nutritional imbalances. Gain meaningful interventions which support the guiding process back to holistic wellness.
Baqi Martin, LCSW-S
VP of Outpatient Services/DCS Outpatient

Tiffany Godwin, RD, LD
Director of Nutrition and Wellness
Connections Wellness Group

The Cost of Silence: Why We’re Still talking About Stigma

No other medical condition today carries the shame and stigma that still surround mental illness, leaving youth to suffer in silence under the weight of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. This session offers strategies for ending the silence and stigma through education, encouragement, and connection to resources for help.
Vanita Halliburton
Co-founder and Executive Chairman
Grant Halliburton Foundation

Gaming: The Culture of Modern Socialization

This workshop focuses on the traditionally controversial topic of gaming by embracing the importance of this often misunderstood culture. Attendees will gain insight into the foundations of this globally recognized community, learn how respecting and embracing the culture invites opportunities, and consider how gamers are evolving into our future leaders.
Chris Nealy, MSW, LCSW Psychotherapist
Halcyon Mental Health, PLLC

Beyond Safe Spaces: Creating Safe Systems

The call for teachers to create safe spaces in their classrooms for LGBTQ+ and other minority youth is necessary, but often undermined by unsupportive school/community culture. In this workshop, participants will gain a systems-level understanding of what it means to create not just safe spaces, but safe schools.
Vanessa Baum, MPH
Director of Prevention Education

Kaitlyn Sheeran,
Prevention Educator
The Family Place

Creating Champions of Change through a Culture of Civility

Our Champions Program creates the groundwork for any level of leadership to courageously step into an influential position of power through compassion, commitment, character, and conversation. Explore the process of transformation as adapting to change is no longer an option… today, it is a necessity.

Angel Carlton
Speaker, Author, Facilitator

Scott Murray

Speaker, Author, Facilitator
Leadership America Podcast

Ideas from the Expressive Arts Therapies for Adolescent Groups

Gain understanding of the need or purpose for novelty seeking, and risk taking in adolescents and the need to utilize these drives in groups. Learn the use of distancing, role play, metaphor, and movement in the expressive arts therapies and Identify resources and prompts from the expressive arts therapies that may be outlets.
Juliana Fort, M.D.
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Ezra Jensen

Trauma, Addiction, REBT, and Narrative Therapy – An Integrated Approach

The current literature substantiates that childhood and adolescent trauma often results in greater difficulties in treatment. We will explore these client’s difficulties in accessing and accepting treatment, the impact of their struggles on treatment staff, and how the integration of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Narrative Therapy have been helpful.
George Pate, LMFT-S, LPC-S, ICADC

Samantha Goss, LPC, LCDC
Sundown Ranch

Trust Based Relational Intervention: A Practical Approach to Trauma Responsive Care for Trafficking Survivors

(TBRI) is a holistic, evidence-based, attachment-based and trauma informed intervention designed to meet the multifaceted needs of youth who have experienced complex trauma like the commercially sexually exploited (CSE) youth population. Learn the impact of this complex trauma, practical intervention skills, and tools to help support healing of survivors.
Ally Matteson, LCSW
Project Director

Kimberly Jones, LMFT-AA
Project Coodinator
Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children: The Demand, the Fuel, and How to Reach Them

Current affairs have well-meaning people jumping on the #saveourchildren bandwagon, but there are also those who are perpetuating egregious myths surrounding the realities that exploited youth face. This workshop will provide information on what fuels the demand for child sex trafficking, clear up those myths, and provide insight into serving this population.
Megan Valdez
CASA Supervisor & Team Leader

Rachael Ray, LMSW
CASA Supervisor & Team Leader
Dallas CASA

Connecting Virtually with Students, Building Rapport and Connections Using Different Strategies and Technology

Learn current approaches for building relationships and sparking connections via technology such as Zoom, Google Classroom and other modern apps.


Roneller Boyd, LCSW
School Based Mental Health Clinicians
Dallas ISD Mental Health Services

Treating Adolescent Addiction: Overview and Innovative Approaches

This workshop will provide an overview of adolescent addiction and its impact on the brain, as well as current treatment challenges. In addition to an overview of positive psychology and solution-focused counseling principles that includes the I CAN treatment model
Drew Dutton, LPC, LCDC
Chief Operating Officer COO
Phoenix House Texas

24/7 Radar: Looking Into Digital Abuse

 It is important to recognize creating a safe, honest relationship with youth as the first step of prevention around technology. Gain important knowledge behind digital abuse in addition to recognizing harmful tactics. Participate in interactive activities, open-ended and safe discussions around experiences and prevention.
Jacqueline Guardiola
CLPC-I, Therapist Prevention Educator
The Family Place

All workshops will be simu-live which means that our speakers have pre-recorded their presentations and will be available in-person at the end of each session for live moderated Q & A discussions. We will also have multiple workshops scheduled at a time, but you don’t have to miss any when you purchase the extended access giving you streaming ability for an additional 30 days after the live event.

Earn CEUs While Joining Us From Your Home or Office

CEUs will be available for the following disciplines: LCDC, LPC, LMSW, LCSW, LMFT, Ph.D/Psy.D (Psychologists).
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Thursday, February 11, 2021

8:00–9:00am: Platform Opens
9:00–9:30am: Opening Remarks
9:30–11:00am: Keynote Presentation
11:00–11:15am: Live Q&A
11:20–12:20pm: Workshop Session 1
12:20–12:35pm: Live Q&A
12:40–1:40pm: LUNCH BREAK & Platform Exploration
1:45–2:45pm: Workshop Session 2
2:45–3:00pm: Live Q&A
3:05–4:05pm: Workshop Session 3
4:05–4:20pm | Live Q&A
4:20-6:00pm: Platform Exploration



This is not your typical online conference! In addition to all the time-relative programming we’ve developed for you, everyone can stay extra engaged with a chance to win prizes from our ever-growing raffle.
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