WHO® makes a number of classroom materials available for purchase only to professionals who are certified to be trained in our program curriculum. School Districts may submit purchase orders.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Telephone Number: 214-871-2420 Ext. 114  (Currently due to COVID-19 please e-mail)

Maddie Worley
WHO® National Director
214-871-2420 Ext. 114


Thank you for your commitment to protecting children!

Purchase Materials

Heidi Owl

Elementary School

Pre-K Curriculum

K-2nd Grade Curriculum

3-4th Grade Curriculum

5th Grade Curriculum

Additional Set of 5 masks (Pre-K)

Set of Duplicating Masters

Middle/High School

Middle School

6th-8th grade curriculum

High School

9th-12 Grade Curriculum

Scooter Skunk

K-4th Grade Training Material and Curriculum Guide

Animated Scooter Skunk film

Scooter Skunk puppet

Stickers, buttons and posters


Heidi Owl

Miss Kitty

Larry Lion

Kimberly Koala

Billy Brown Bear

Scooter Skunk


Scooter Skunk (Prek-4th)

K – 5th grade

6th – 8th Grade

9th – 12th Grade


Scooter Skunk

Duplicating Masters

K-2nd Grade Prizes

3rd-4th Grade

Activity Book 5th Grade Activity Book

Pre-K-2nd Grade Coloring Book

Products and Pricing

Product Price
K-5th Required Training $300
Scooter Skunk K-4th Training/Curriculum $300
Middle School Required Training $150
High School Required Training $150
USB with Lessons/videos $200
Individual Puppets $60
Puppet Set (Scooter Skunk not included) $300
Scooter Skunk Puppet $60
Additional Pre-K Masks $10
K-2nd Prizes $10
3rd-4th Grade Activity Book $15
5th Grade Activity Book $15
Pre-K Coloring Book $20