In order to present the We Help Ourselves Program in your school or organization, Mental Health America of Greater Dallas (MHA Dallas) requires training. During training, you will learn how to present the curriculum, and you will receive additional information on child abuse laws and issues. In addition, training will also include multicultural and self-examination exercises.

For additional information on training and materials for the program, please contact

Maddie Worley
Mental Health America of Greater Dallas WHO® National Director
624 N. Good-Latimer, Suite 200
Dallas, Texas 75204
214-871-2420 ext. 114

All training will be conducted through the use of Zoom.

Materials are sold separately for K-12th Grade

Training Dates

Elementary School

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Registration Fee $300

May 19th

June 18th

Middle School

6th – 8th Grade

Registration Fee $150

May 27th

June 24th

 High School

9th – 12th Grade

Registration Fee $150

April 22nd

June 11th



Introducing Scooter Skunk

Internet and Cyber Safety Education Training

Training includes: Curriculum Guide, Animated film, Scooter Skunk puppet, materials emphasizing bullying, internet safety, cyber-bullying, posters and extra goodies.

Check out the Scooter Skunk Trailer

Fall/Spring Scooter Skunk Training

May 25th

July 9th 

Additional Scooter Training Information 

Scooter Training Fall 2020

Purchase orders are welcome.

CEUs are available.

Special training is available for pre-school and other topics related to children and teenagers.

Parent Workshops are available in Spanish or English. 

Various subjects can be presented to your group such as information on child safety and child abuse prevention. 

These workshops may be scheduled for your school district or organization. 

Please call to arrange.

Workshops for professionals working with children and teenagers are also available. 

Various workshops are available for faculty, youth program coordinators, church ministers, etc.