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Bonnie Cook, MAS
CEO & President
Bonnie is the Executive Director of Mental Health America of Greater Dallas. Prior to assuming this role in April, 2018 she was the Executive Director of Mental Health America of Kentucky. Bonnie has over 17 years experience working in the mental health field. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Mental Health America in Alexandria, Virginia.

You may contact Bonnie at

Maddie Worley, LMSW 
Community Outreach Director
Maddie is the newest member of the MHA of Greater-Dallas team. She oversees all of our programming and events including: The WHO Program, Adolescent Symposium of Texas, Mothers and Babies, Support Groups and Mental Health First Aid.

You may contact Maddie at (214) 871-2420 ext 114 or by email,

Meaghan Read
Director of Public Policy
Meaghan actively advocates to legislators and stakeholders about changes needed in the mental health system. She researches mental health-related policy at local, state, and federal levels to provides analysis for change.  She organizes the Coalition on Mental Illness to further mental health advocacy education.

You may contact Meaghan at (214) 871-2420 ext 110 or by email,

Sylvia Orozco-Joseph
Community Outreach Coordinator
Sylvia is a longstanding staff member with more than 30 years of service to MHA of Greater-Dallas. Sylvia coordinates our WHO program. She was recently recognized as A Beacon of Hope 2017 awardee from the Grant Halliburton Foundation. 

You may contact Sylvia at  (214) 871-2420 ext 119 or by email,

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Tracy Curts

Jeremy Hardy

Syver Norderhaug

Tanya Browne

Alexandra Cribbs

Brian Cuban

Jennifer Erasame, MS

Dr. David Henderson

Dr. Sylvia Lopez

Alexa Schnoor

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