We Help Ourselves

WHO®’s Mission

We are committed to empowering children and adolescents to stay safe and happy and make good decisions based on knowledge and a strong internal value system – educating them to know what to do and who to tell in dangerous situations.

Free Downloadable Coloring Book on Helping Ourselves (suitable for elementary school children): Click Here

At-Home Scooter Skunk Curriculum:

We are offering a shortened version of our cyber-bullying curriculum for you to do at home with your kids. With COVID-19, our world has turned more digital than ever! Keep your children safe by utilizing our free program.

At-Home Curriculum: Click Here

Scooter Skunk Video: Click Here

Check out Laney’s Story to learn why this program is so important: Click Here

” I really think it would have changed everything. I would have known to say no, and I could of taught my neighbor that it was okay to say no.” -Laney, Advocate for Child Abuse Prevention

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