You have a voice to impact policy

You have a voice, and together, we can make an impact. From state budgets and the public mental health system to boarding home regulations and school guidance curriculum, many laws and regulations address mental health needs. If we work together, we can influence public policy to benefit people with a mental illness and promote the improved mental health of our community.

  • Our community brought Crisis Intervention Training for police officers to the Dallas region. Now, officers from Dallas and most suburbs are trained in a curriculum that keeps officers and the public safe.
  • We now have regulated boarding homes in many Dallas area communities. Licensed homes can be places of recovery, not drags on property values.
  • We brought millions of state crisis dollars to our region. The resulting services are available to anyone in a crisis – not just people in the public system.

In this section, you can learn about the current issues facing our area and learn how to take action and join our efforts.