Mental Health America Offers Recovery Education

According  to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), recovery education “offers self-help concepts, skills, and strategies for adults with mental illness. Promotes wellness, stability, recovery, and life transformation.” MHA Dallas offers weekly education sessions for inpatient and partial hospitalization settings.

Each one-hour training covers:

1. Practical tips to know a behavioral health concern from a situational concern

2. Strategies to help patients distinguish between symptoms and average behavior

3. Instruction on the biopsychosocial and understanding how it can increase wellness

4. An introduction to resiliency concepts

5. A list of next steps and specific community resources to help patients maintain wellness and recovery



• Multi-year track record at four major hospital systems.
• Nearly 10% of patients are more likely to follow up with outpatient care.
• 90% would recommend this education



$500 per month for a total of $6,000 or prepay yearly at a discounted rate of $5,000 for a savings of nearly 20% (per year) *weekly session date/time  to be scheduled to fit into your program’s specific rotation.

To schedule a training, contact Bonnie Cook at



Recovery Education at MHA Dallas is one part of a broad set of offerings designed to assist people at many points in their recovery journey. In addition to the one our education sessions,  we offer:

  • Free support groups – all peer led, all follow a specific curriculum
  • Twelve week Wellness Recovery Action Plan classes for only $15
  • Socialization opportunities and a reading group
  • Volunteer opportunities for a range of recovery levels
  • Referrals to other quality recovery supports in the area